this reminds me of a Tracy Chapman album we used to listen to all the time back in the day…
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this reminds me of a Tracy Chapman album we used to listen to all the time back in the day…

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Courtney Love reading Kurt Cobain’s suicide note.

”Peace, Love, Empathy. Kurt Cobain.“

And then there are some more personal things that is none of your damn business. And just remember: this is all bullshit. But I want you to know one thing: that 80’s tough luck bullshit, it doesn’t work. It’s not real. It doesn’t work. I should have let him – we all should have let him – have his numbness. We should have let him have the thing that made him feel better, that made his stomach feel better. We should have let him have it, instead of trying to strip away his skin.
You go home and you tell your parents, “Don’t you ever try that tough love bullshit on me, ‘cuz it doesn’t fucking work.” That’s what I think.

…And I have to go now. Just tell him he’s a fucker, OK? Just say “fucker.” “You’re a fucker.” And that you love him.

it’s kind of weird that I thought of a song that would be kind of “perfect” for them just last weekend, & then looked at tumblr today & realized it was the 20th anniversary of his suicide. on a positive note, CL has some really great/angry/rockin music coming out soon, she ain’t GOIN nowhere!

[truncated the text because I assume you have a pair of working ears, & also because I hate long ass texty posts that aren’t short stories that everyone hasn’t read yet]

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ukrainian sister lovelies!

& they love thrash?!? 

be still, my heart.

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had soo much fun doing this, red everywhere!

this looks like a much prettier version of that one meshuggah record…

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Nowhere in the question does it say how many children Mrs. Johnson has, nor that all the muffins get eaten. Therefore, there is an infinite number of correct answers, mathematically.

This is a good example of people complaining about common core where it’s not warranted. They clearly gave the number of muffins to be 18, and it is easy to deduce that all the muffins were eaten by the children considering it says they were made for the children. There are 3 children, it is clear to see that as well, based on the chart. These types of questions have existed forever and provide a good bases for understanding algebra in the future. Emily ate 3, Tyler ate 6, Peter ate 9. There isn’t an infinite amount of answers even if you reject that the all 18 muffins were eaten. So long as we aren’t dealing with fractions, there’s very few possibilities. Peter ate the most and he can’t have eaten 10 or else the total is more than 18. He can’t have eaten 8 because then Emily ate a fraction of a muffin. He could have eaten 7, then Tyler ate 4 and Emily ate 2. He can’t have eaten 6 because then Emily ate a fraction of a muffin. He could have eaten 5, and then Tyler ate 2 and Emily ate 1. He can’t have eaten 4 because then Emily would have eaten only half a muffin. He can’t have eaten 3 or anything less than 3 because the problem stating “Tyler ATE twice as many muffins as Emily” does not make sense (especially to a child) even though 0 is technically twice as many as 0. So we have literally 3 possible correct answers, not an infinite amount of answers. Although it should be clarified that all muffins were consumed, it isn’t the horrible problem you were making it out to be.

Even though I solved it mathematically using system of equations (simply because it’s what I’m used to), it’d be really easy for children to solve this simply by filling in the chart. Add 1 to Emily, fill in the amount for Tyler and Peter. Continue until the squares all add up to 18.

yes - you nailed her! first of all, it should be pretty obvious what the options are, after taking a quick glance at the chart. of course they’re not giving the kids unnecessary details so they can focus on the problem! also, effierover has shown herself to be one of those annoying people that uses the word “infinite” or “infinitely” without actually confirming first that there are indeed an “infinite” collection of somethings or “infinitely” many such-&-suchs…

I’m not pro-CC or against it, per se, but I know our education system was almost a complete failure before, so obviously something needed to change; but before this “new” approach can even be streamlined, you have all kinds of non-professionals (i.e., those not heavily schooled in science, maths, education, language, developmental psychology) taking shots at it for inane things like typos, supposedly “loaded” questions, & the like. It’s as annoying as it is disgusting - as a “spectator” (merely a mathematician that would like to see the world become a better place through ALL of its citizens garnering a firm understanding of the maths & the sciences), I say “shame on you CC haters!” Please make your case without resorting to the tactics of a whiny elementary schooler, no one likes an asshole & no one will join your side if you behave like one.

Now, please MAKE your case so the rest of us can join you, or STOP WHINING

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Scumbag Frodo

ahahahahaha so true. Frodo was under the influence though.
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Don’t let the mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision.

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well then, it’s an extremely POOR decision at best.

fuck the bozos. ignore these “indecisive” types as they’re a complete waste of your fucking time, not to mention space & time in the world.

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I <3 this silly video so much, some friends of a friend of mine made it!

For some lame assed reason, it keeps getting pulled from youtube (google sucks? or, people suck? either one wouldn’t surprise me). I have an epic thread related to this video that I’ve been meaning to screen cap & share here for a while now, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow…

"s’up nigga? …………………………………………………………………………………………wanna talk some shit?"

"let’s talk some shit, bitch - call these niggaz ASAP."


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yes it IS!!!
reschedule it NOW.

yes it IS!!!

reschedule it NOW.

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